Our programs cultivate imitative and imaginative play,social and physical activity and an appreciation for beauty and nature, enabling children to develop a strong sense of self.

Each child is special for us and so is their family.

We believe that the partnership between the parent and teachers is very significant towards the development of a child.

We are happy to have the privilege of being a part of your child's early years of development.
We base our program on the conviction that imitation of the beautiful, meaningful and true enables the child to go forth in life with initiative and purpose.

A home away from home.

We create a safe, welcoming and soothing environment where children are gently introduced to their first school experience. We also utilize current early childhood research, with attention and respect for the common sense and wisdom of generations of parents.

Teacher engages in simple domestic activity and craft projects while the children freely explore the classroom and enter into a world of imaginative play. Rhythm of age appropriate activities, like creative indoor play, singing and finger rhymes, fruit time, puppetry, plenty of time outdoors, provides a sense of security and fun for the very young.

Our mixed age kindergarten provides a means for healthy play and learning among the children.

In the secure and nurturing environment they learn about themselves. They also discover, appreciate and relate to the world around them.

Songs, verse, and stories presented in the oral tradition provide a developmentally appropriate introduction to language study. A foundation for mathematical concepts is laid through rhythmic movement, finger plays, and simple games.

The days are filled with practical and meaningful work, creative play and fairy tales, puppetry and music, circle games and healthy outdoor play. The imagination is further developed through a variety of artistic activities including painting, drawing, wood work, beeswax modeling, and seasonal crafts.

Our program cultivates imitative and imaginative play, social and physical activity, and an appreciation for beauty and nature, enabling children with a strong sense of self. This creates a platform for success in later academic pursuits by building sound logical reasoning, mental capabilities, and a reverence for life.

It's not always easy to balance work, home, and other activities, while children are growing up. Most working parents are often stumped about where to leave their little ones after school.

We provide a safe haven for your precious ones.

Our approach to professional care is warm and gentle.

Since the children spend a good number of hours with us, we follow a definite rhythm with them. A typical day will see that the little ones have a good lunch, take a much needed nap, relish a glass of milk and fruits, enjoy music & movement, artistic activities, story-telling, indoor and outdoor play.

The carefree summer days of childhood come alive at InBloom.

Our camp provides a balanced experience of doing, feeling and thinking in a way that stimulates fun, creativity and a sense of well-being.

Children attending our camps are surrounded by a harmonious environment where rhythm and structure encourage opportunities for music and movement, crafts, puppet show, circle games, yoga, gardening, water play in the splash pool, cooking, creative indoor and outdoor play.

Our summer program is conducted by trained and experienced teachers, all through April and May.