The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things (a beautiful environment) - Plato

At InBloom the environment is stimulating but not overwhelming.

It protects the child’s senses and his natural creativity. It is a learning environment of beauty, wonder and warmth. It is easy to imagine how happy a child would be spending their time in this environment - Media free and peaceful

We take very seriously the delicate responsibility of caring for your precious little ones. We ensure that children are accompanied by a teacher at all times.

We maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. We work towards providing a fresh and healthy environment, as well as minimizing the spread of any infections or diseases.

Located in the heart of the city, we offer the luxury of over 4000sq ft of well equipped outdoor play area and sand pit.

This offers your child the opportunity to enjoy childhood the way we did - outdoors!!

Absolute fun in the sun.

The school is surrounded by sprawling lawns and a garden patch for the children.

There is also a composter, bird feeder, big fish pond, tree tunnels and rolling hills.

We have created a physically beautiful, emotionally supportive and carefully structured homelike environment. The classroom nature table reflects the season.

The play material is selected carefully to aid the learning process. Children play with simple toys, handmade from natural materials and other gifts from nature.

Our open ended materials stimulate the imagination.

Children use no plastic. We believe that 'less is more'.

The kitchen is a great place to acquire various skills. Just like a traditional Indian home, the InBloom kitchen is bustling through the day.

We cut fruits, prepare treats for festivals, bake birthday cakes and do much more.

The children love joining in, and are given age-appropriate tasks, keeping safety in mind.