We let children be children. Our mission is to send forth children nurtured by truth, beauty and goodness so they can meet society with bold thinking, self confidence and social responsibility

Our observations give insight into children's interests, achievements and possible difficulties in their learning.

From these observations, we plan the next steps in child's Education. Our program is purely experiential and helps children develop their full potential at their own pace, in a stress free environment.

The children are not expected to fit into a pre-planned curriculum; instead the curriculum is planned to suit their individual needs.

If you observe nature, you will find that it provides external rhythm with, the movement of the planets and the stars, the rising and setting of the sun, the waxing and waning of the moon and the turning of the seasons.

Rhythm is also internal which includes breathing, heartbeat, and so on.

Rhythm is the basis of everything in this universe.

It brings balance and harmony, which are vital for a one's well being. Consistent rhythms in early childhood are the basis for self discipline in adult life.

At InBloom children feel the living and pulsating rhythm of the day, the week, the seasons and the year. The child's day naturally flows between social and individual activities that reflect the child's need for both active and quiet play.

We value real work.

Children learn about things tangibly and in a way that is connected to sensory experiences. For example, during harvest we bring paddy to the class, thrash it to rice, which is used to make pongal for our Sankranti celebration.

Each task has a beginning, middle, and end, and children become competent in life skills.

We view play as the serious work of childhood.

And 'learning by doing' provides the foundation for active Imagination, problem solving and creative thinking.

Play is the young child’s natural way to develop physically and socially. Child-directed play activity also strengthens attention span.

In today's urban setting, we strive to bring a sense of wonder and reverence for nature.

Through cooperative and careful work indoors and outdoors we encourage respect for both the environment and one another.

The children and faculty tends to the garden by planting various bulbs and flower. It is a wonderful and enriching experience for all.

As a result, the children are able to see for themselves the fruit of their labor. The enjoy decorating the classroom with the flowers that they have grown.

Our 'Daily Circle' time features poems, games, songs and finger puppet plays that build language skills.

and also provide the basis for mathematics skills through counting games and rhymes.

A further contribution to language development is our practive of storytelling. In this way the child's memorry is developed along with a sense for the beauty and expressiveness of language.

Some stories are presented as puppet plays.

Concentration, small muscle development, and eye-hand coordination are pre -requisites to reading and writing.

Activities that promote these skills include:
Finger crocheting,
Modeling with beeswax,
Watercolor painting,
and others.

Children are encouraged to bring seasonal fruits as snacks and home cooked food for lunch.

Processed foods are not allowed in school.

Celebrations are an integral part of InBloom Curriculum,

be it festivals or birthdays. Children discover the significance of each festival and establish a connection to their culture.

Birthdays are celebrated in a simple, beautiful and personal manner. Children help bake the cake for the birthday child.

Return gifts are not encouraged.